01 Mar 2006

Direct (Re)Meshing for Efficient Surface Processing

John Schreiner, Carlos Scheidegger, Shachar Fleishman, Claudio Silva. Computer Graphics Forum, 25(3):527-536, (Eurographics 2006).

We propose a novel surface remeshing algorithm. While many remeshing algorithms are based on global parametrization or local mesh optimization, our algorithm is closely related to surface reconstruction techniques and it requires no explicit parameterization. Our approach is based on the advancing-front paradigm, and it can be used to both incrementally remesh the complete surface, or simply to remesh a portion of it with a high-quality mesh. It is accurate, fast, robust, and suitable for use with interactive mesh processing applications that require local remeshing. We show a number of applications, including matching the resolution of meshes when doing Boolean operations such as unions and intersections. We also show how to adapt the algorithm to blend and merge mixed-mode objects, and, for example, to compute the union of a point-set surface and a triangle mesh.

Paper in PDF format (~23MB).

The techniques presented in this paper have been implemented in the open-source Afront.