01 Oct 2006

High-Quality Extraction of Isosurfaces from Regular and Irregular Grids

John Schreiner, Carlos Scheidegger, Claudio T. Silva. IEEE TVCG, 12(5):1205-1212 (IEEE Vis 2006).

We propose a new advancing front technique that is capable of creating high-quality isosurfaces from regular and irregular volumetric datasets. Our work extends the guidance field framework of Schreiner et al. to implicit surfaces, and improves it in significant ways. In particular, we describe a set of sampling conditions that guarantee that surface features will be captured by the algorithm. We also describe an efficient technique to compute a minimal guidance field, which greatly improves performance. Our experimental results show that our technique can generate high-quality meshes from complex datasets.

Paper in PDF format (20MB). Afront is open-source software; get it here.