VisWeek 2011 starts tomorrow, with two workshops, three tutorials and the contest. Having helped organize the workshops program, I’m obviously biased on the matter. Come attend the workshops! They’re fantastic.

You get to choose between two great events; it’s a pity they run in parallel. The first workshop is on visual analytics and health care, and in particular about getting physicians to pay attention to us and vice-versa. This perspective cannot be stressed nearly enough, and it’s obvious how important this topic is. In particular, I’d like you to consider attending the panel they will host at 11:00am. Let’s get a conversation started between these two universes!

(Yes, I was half-asleep when I typed the original post. The uncertainty workshop is on monday!) The second workshop is on story-telling, which is noteworthy in that it follows the extremely successful workshop from last year, and should be very popular as well. The interaction with the journalist community is very exciting, and getting people in newsrooms to care about what we do, and us caring about what they need, is well worth your attendance. I’ll note a talk by New York Times’ Brad Stenger.

I’ll try to do some live-blogging, since not everyone is going to be around for the whole week, in particular for the first few days. The last couple of years were a complete live-blogging failure on my part, but let’s see if I can make it work this year.

If you see me around tomorrow, stop and say hi!