For something totally different, I recently discovered how to make the best eggs ever (no, seriously). I’m generally not great in the kitchen, but with this method I get consistent, perfectly-cooked yolks and whites. It also happens to be about the easiest way to cook eggs I know of! The trick is to use an aebleskiver pan (we specifically have a cast-iron aebleskiver pan).

All you need is eggs, salt, and a round table spoon of about the same curvature as the pockets in the pan. Start by filling the pockets with cooking oil (eggs cook coolly enough that I just use olive oil), anywhere between one-third and a half full:

Aebleskiver pan

Start the pan on high heat, drop the eggs, add salt to taste. Salt the egg right now so both whites and yolks get seasoned. As they get cooking, they’ll eventually look kinda like this (it takes around a minute and a half, but varies depending on how cold the oil and eggs were):


Now for the main idea: turn the eggs about 90 degrees (only halfway to upside down, not all the way!), scooping the spoon into the pocket and under the egg.


After about 20 seconds, the part of the egg that was uncooked and is now frying will be firm enough. Turn the egg once more.


Count to 20 more seconds, and you’re done. Scoop the eggs out with a spoon, and onto your favorite meal:

Eggs and quinoa, yum

Take a look at those yolks. Just look at them!