After a year and a half, running my blog on Wordpress started to become annoying. I just didn’t have the control I wanted over the content: The HTML I sent it tended to change in slightly unpredictable ways, the theme started to annoy me, and the format was never something I was very happy with. I maintained both a webpage with (barely) usable content and a weblog, and it always seemed like the two belonged together. It was time to move on to something better, and is my first attempt.

The biggest difference you’ll see right away is that you can comment pretty much anywhere around here. So if my code ever breaks, or if some paragraph in a paper makes no sense, now you know where to complain! It’ll also make it easier for you to let me know if you put the code to good use, or if you like a paper – it’s always nice to hear about it.

I want to write a little bit about this new infrastructure; there’s some cool bits about it. I’ll also repost some of my favorite content from the old blog. is fairly unstable at this point, so I really appreciate any comments about things which break unexpectedly, things you don’t like, or even things which you do like!