Assignment 1


Your first assignment is to fill out this questionnaire and submit it via GitHub classroom. This is mostly so that I have a chance to learn something about you, but it’s also to ensure you know how GitHub and GitHub Classroom works, and to ensure that I can see your submissions.

You will submit a single plain-text file called answers.txt. This file should contain the answers to the questions below, formatted like below:

CSC444 Data Visualization
Assignment 1

1. I want to take this course because I want to learn about
d3; I hear it will land me a great job.

2. Java, Javascript, C#, PHP.

3. Java.

4. no answer.


You are not required to answer any of the questions if you don’t want to, but non-submission does not count: please write “no answer” if that’s the case.

I am going to use the answers to calibrate the remainder of the course, so this is an opportunity for you to influence where the course goes. There are no right or wrong answers in this questionnaire. All I ask is you answer honestly, without trying to figure out what I might want to read. The more you write, the more I’ll know about your expectations and what you are interested in.

Submission Instructions

Do not submit a zip file. Your repository should consist of a single file, named answers.txt.

Do not use subdirectories. The answers.txt file should be in the root directory of your git repository. So if you’re working on your assignment in a folder (say, assignment3), make sure that assignment3 is the root directory for the git repository.

We’re not going to deduct any points for these right now, but having to handle these different cases separately makes both Carlos’s jobs much harder - we reserve the right to deduct points from repeat offenders.

Questionnaire: tell me about you

  1. Why are you taking this course?

  2. What do you think you’ll learn in this course?

  3. What programming languages are you comfortable with?

  4. Have you used git before? If so, for how long?

  5. Have you used GitHub before? If so, for how long?

  6. Which programming language are you most comfortable with?

  7. Have you ever created a data visualization? What was it?

  8. During the course of your studies or professional life, what’s the largest dataset you’ve had to deal with? What tools did you use?

  9. What’s the best visualization you’ve ever seen? Why do you like it?

  10. What’s the worst visualization you’ve ever seen? Why do you not like it?

  11. Tell me about something cool you learned recently. (The kind of thing I’m looking for is: If you were meeting with a friend, what would you chat about?) Possible answers: what good books have you read recently, fiction or non-? Same for films, TV shows, blogs, podcasts, etc. Your answer totally does not have to be about data visualization.