Assignment 4


In this assignment, you will recreate some of the previous visualizations we’ve seen in class using d3. Specifically, you will recreate the examples in the last iteration of the code we developed in Lecture 3, and you will also recreate the first visualization of Assignment 3.

You will start with the HTML file named index.html in your starter repo. Each visualization should be an SVG element of the same dimensions used previously. The id attributes of the elements should also match the ones we used previously. They should be, respectively, chart1, chart2, chart3, and scatterplot_1 (this is included in the starter repo).

Your visualizations have to be created using d3 calls. In other words, the way to turn data into SVG elements has to be through d3 methods like selectAll, data, enter and append.

For this assignment, you are allowed to use any additional library you’d like. You are required to use d3 (which is included in the starter repo), but maybe you’ll also want to use jQuery, underscore.js, or whatever else you like. Remember to give proper attribution in your writeup and source code.


Each of the plots is worth 25% of the total credit.


Both datasets are included in the starter repo: