Assignment 7


In this assignment, you will create a visualization with linked views and interactive brushing.

You will use the same Calvin College grades dataset you have been using before, and your visualization will consist of two side-by-side scatterplots. The first scatterplot will have SATM and SATV axes, and the second scatterplot will show ACT and GPA axes. In addition, the visualization will support interaction via linked views: points selected in one view will be highlighted in the other view. Finally, as users click on points in either scatterplot, you will show the actual values of that particular student in a separate, third view.

Specifically, your visualization will be graded based on the following features:

  1. One scatterplot with SATM and SATV axes (12.5/100)

  2. A second scatterplot with ACT and GPA axes (12.5/100)

  3. When users click on a dot in either scatterplot, the actual numerical values of the fields for that particular student are displayed in a separate table (25/100)

  4. When users drag the mouse on either scatterplot, a rectangular brush is drawn on that scatterplot, indicating the region of interest. All the points with attributes inside the brushed region are considered selected. If users create two separate brushes, selected points must satisfy the logical “and” of the criteria of the two brushes. The fill color of the dots in the scatterplot must correspond to whether the dots are selected (red) or not (light gray). If no brush is active, the points must be drawn in black. (50/100)

  5. When users click on a point in either scatterplot, the corresponding point on the other scatterplot is highlighted, by making both dots be shown with an enlarged radius. If users click on a different dot, the previous dots must be restored to their original size (25/100).

You can get a total of 125 points (for 25 extra credit points).

Skeleton code and data

You can (and should!) build on skeleton code we are providing you. Make sure to read the source code - all of the hints for this assignment are included there. The following files are included:

Implementation hints

You can refer to code from any of your previous assignments as well; you might also want to read the following: